Regulated for Governments

Regulation used to be easier and governments could afford it to be slower.

Nowadays, governments are onset by a torrent of disruptive, complex interdisciplinary technologies that affect citizens, businesses and financial institutions; technologies that challenge regulators and law enforcement alike.

Regulation can take years. Years of abusive practices, tax revenue lost, fraudulent operators that operate with impunity in an environment with no oversight and framework.

Regulated provides governments with easy to read, custom-made, industry-specific data dashboards, as well as best practices, developed through decades of industry experience.

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Regulated for Businesses

Regulated is an internationally recognized accreditation and dispute resolution entity. A business can qualify for a Regulated certificate by complying with an industry-specific operational framework, comprising of a best practices and commonplace regulatory requirements.

If your organisation operates within one of the following industries:

  • Decentralised Ledger Tech
  • Speculative Finance
  • Gambling

And meets the operational criteria outlined in the applicable framework, the company may apply for a Regulated certificate, which includes the right to presented the Regulated trust seal on a the company website, product and marketing materials.

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Helping businesses build confidence through
transparency and commitment to fair business practices.
Developing regulatory frameworks that help legitimate businesses differentiate themselves from fraudulent operators.
Helping regulators with deploying monitoring, reporting and oversight solutions for developing industries.