Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose

Regulated aims to provide customers with the highest level of confidence by ensuring that the company they are doing business with is legitimate and operates in a safe and fair manner.

We cater to companies and innovators that are operating both within and outside the traditional regulatory framework; Being issued a Regulated certificate externalises the fact that the company is willing to commit to the highest standards of operational excellence, fairness and security.

The certification process at the moment is not open to the public as we are presently performing due diligence on our Sunrise Period partners.

If you interested in applying for a certificate, you are welcome to leave your details below

    What happens during the process

    You will be provided with a set of requirements and questions pertaining to your main business. Requirement may vary – based on your industry, product and jurisdiction.

    Regulated performs due diligence by verifying the information provided about the company’s operational practices, partners and other parameters as outlined in the industry-specific framework.

    The certificate is issued upon completion of the due diligence process. 

    What happens upon certification

    • You will be provided with the rights to use the Trust Seal and Certificate on your website, product and marketing materials. 

    • The Certificate and Trust Seal can be verified and reviewed on, on a page dedicated to your company.

    • You will as well receive an industry-specific Trust Seal, an icon which you will be able to use on your website, product, print and marketing materials.
    • You will receive a physical,  framed printed version of your certificate.