Why Choose Regulated?

Regulated is capable of performing due diligence quickly and impersonally – delivering exhaustive reports that provide our clients with a level of detail and certainty that make trust trivial. 

Performing due diligence on new business partners or potential investments is a time consuming, relationship-straining process. 

Regulated works with top industrial intelligence, blockchain analysis, accounting and legal specialists to ensure that business partners and portfolio companies are truthful, legitimate and can properly deliver and execute – not just now, but in the future.

Making the due diligence process impersonal and exhaustive
Justified Trust
You can trust your partners because we verify them for you
Monitoring partners and portfolio companies on an ongoing basis

Regulated Due Diligence Services

Get issued a Regulated Certificate

In order to be eligible for a Regulated.io certificate, your organisation has to comply with a  predefined set of industry-specific requirements, based on a combination of customer-centric practices and regulator-issued guidelines. A Regulated certificate provides your business partners and customers with the assurance that the company and its claims have been reviewed and confirmed by a trusted third party.