Why Choose Regulated?

Competition can be a lot harder when you’re the one playing by the rules.

We help great businesses differentiate themselves by clearly displaying  a company’s commitment to a set of best practices that ensures security, transparency and fairness for its customers.

Confidence that translates into new customer acquisition, higher revenue, longer retention and Net Promoter Score.

Regulated.io is an internationally recognized accreditation and dispute resolution authority.  A business can qualify for a Regulated certificate by complying with an industry-specific operational framework, comprising of customer-focused  best practices and common regulatory requirements.

Establish and externalize fair business practices to distinguish yourself from competitors
Build customers’ confidence in your product through transparency 
Get a strong selling point to boost your sales, improve retention and Net Promoter Score

Apply for certificate

Certification Process

In order to to be eligible for a Regulated.io certificate, your organisation has to comply with a  predefined set of industry-specific requirements, based on a combination of customer-centric practices and regulator-issued guidelines. While not all business entities meet these eligibility requirements, for those companies that meet the standards the certification process is straightforward.

Fill a short application form
Review Part 1
A Regulated.IO analyst reviews your company’s application and gets in touch for a series of brief interviews.
Review Part 2
The interviews are followed up by a due diligence process and compliance review based on industry and business type. 
Upon completion, the company receives an electronic and print version of Regulated certificates and trust seals. The seals can be used on websites, products and marketing materials.